Collection: Back Up Video & Timing

Having the right back-up plan can be an event life-saver.

Eagle Eye's back up system combines both video and timing for an unbeatable one of a kind combination. Professional timers and meet directors know the value of 1) a separate back-up timing system (in case of failure) and 2) recorded video to sort out the unexpected (missing RFID tags, photo-finishes, missing athletes, etc.).

Until now, back-up timing required the expense of another full timing system while reviewing race video required a slow methodical search that often delayed official results. With Eagle Eye ability to record and playback simultaneously, a cluster of finishers can be immediately reviewed while the event continues or conveniently recalled instantaneously after completion of the race.

Eagle Eye combines accurate timing, ease of use and and extreme video efficiency into a completely portable system that can be run entirely off of a laptop computer battery.

Eagle Eye's video verification and timing system is a perfect way to back-up RFID, hand timed or non-visual timing events.

Gain confidence and peace of mind knowing your events can handle the unexpected.